About us

There are currently eight members of the NFC BAC plus our Chair and Secretary.   Each of the two GCCF breed clubs supplies up to five representatives.  We hold a minimum of two committee meetings per year - usually in April/May and September/October.  Our autumn meeting is an electoral one, when we elect our Secretary, Chairperson and Treasurer.

Chairperson:    Fiona Hermon

Secretary:        Jules Candler    grey_cat_lover@hotmail.com

Norwegian Forest Cat Club BAC reps                          

Kiri Brown

Mary-Rose Douglas
Nadine Duffin

Ian Hermon





Links to the constituent clubs:

Norsk Skogkatt Society BAC reps                         

David James

Dee James                                    

Beverley Spooner (Treasurer)





The other NFC Club, Norsk Skogkatt Society, does not currently have a website.